Stencils for everything

Since I am a Mac user, I use Omnigraffle Pro to create technical diagrams for documentation purposes.  Many of my collegues use the PC counterpart, Visio.  I have found a really nice site for Vendor specific stencils.  It is called Visio Cafe.  Visio Cafe has up-to-date stencils for IBM and HP equipment, to name a few. Visio Cafe does not have Cisco shapes, but do not fear.  Here is the link to Cisco’s Visio Stencils page.Visio users can import Visio Cafe’s stencils directly.  Omnigraffle users cannot.  Omnigraffle users have two choices, either search the Omnigraffle’s Extras page or use the Stencils->New Stencil function to create your own.  I use my organization’s Citrix client to launch Visio.  I then create a new stencil in Omnigraffle, and then copy and paste shapes between Visio and Omnigraffle.  If you have a better way, or another good Omnigraffle stencil site, let me know! 

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8 responses to “Stencils for everything

  1. Missing some vendor specific stuff myself…I’m on my 3rd attempt in 20 years to migrate to mac entirely, but find myself still using remote desktop for various things.

    Since you have the resources, have you considered uploading/posting some Cisco/Dell or other slick stencils you’ve made?

  2. I would be happy to convert some sencils for you. Please send me links to the Visio stencils you would like to have converted to OmniGraffle. I am sure I will use them in the future or one of the other Mac users at my shop.


  3. I just launched a new website that will making stencil sharing much easier.


  4. If this offer is still open, I would love to get the IBM p-series icons in graffle format. The visio templates are at:

  5. Gil,
    I’d be happy to, stay tuned.

  6. Michael Spurlock

    Any update on the IBM Stencils from VisioCafe? I too would find these extremely useful. Thanks!

  7. I would appreciate it if the HP ProCurve wireless products (especially MSM422 and the Management module) could be turned into a stencil.

  8. Hello folks, I am looking for IBM stencils, is there anything around yet?


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